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What makes our product different from its Chinese counterparts?
Our product is made from real wood and does not contain resin, glue, or other toxic components which can smell bad and cause harm. Real birchwood releases a light natural scent that does not interfere with the food flavor.
Why do you add a stiffening rib? Doesn’t it complicate the production process?
We want to make sure our products are strong enough to be used with any kind of food and offer a reliable user experience for our customers.
Can your products be washed and reused?
No, all our items are single-use only.
Are EcoWood Store wooden plates microwave safe?
Yes, all EcoWood Store products are microwave safe and do not emit any hazardous components considering glue, bleach, or paint are not used in the manufacturing processes.
Is it true that EcoWood Store products are fully compostable and biodegradable?
All EcoWood Store products are 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They decompose completely in 2-4 months outdoors, in 1 month in a compost pit, turning into nutrient-rich soil, and seconds in a fire.
How does using compostable utensils help protect the environment?
EcoWood Store's manufacturing process of wooden utensils utilizes 65% less energy and emits 68% fewer greenhouse gases than the production of plastic utensils. Therefore, less carbon footprint is left behind. The material we use comes from a fully renewable and replenishable resource. We protect the environment even during the manufacturing process!
Doesn’t wood cutlery production has an effect on tree populations?
It is a frequent misconception that wood products harm tree populations. Wood is one of the most eco-friendly materials available. Birch forests absorb Carbon dioxide and provide habitat for wildlife such as hedgehogs, cuckoos, hares, badgers, owls, and woodpeckers. At the EcoWood store, it is essential for us to grow many more birch trees than we harvest.
How much wood is utilized in the production process?
Our wood cutlery is produced in a highly efficient manner. One large birch tree can yield up to 20,000 pieces of cutlery.
Do you offer special rates to your wholesale customers?
We are more than happy to offer special rates to our wholesale customers. Contact us to learn more.
Can I order EcoWood store products with my logo?
We can definitely print your logo on our products and packaging. Fill out the contact form to submit a request to our manager.
How come your prices are so low? Are your products actually environmentally friendly and meet all standards?
Indeed, we guarantee a high-quality product for a reasonable price. We are proud to state that our cutlery is made from FSC certified wood. This means that EcoWood does not exploit the riches of Ukrainian forests and harms their unique and vulnerable ecosystems.