Wooden dinnerware and cutlery as an alternative to plastic

We've been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for nearly two years. The virus has harmed not only humans but also nature. The reason for this is an active measure to prevent the virus's spread, such as replacing everyday items with disposable plastic ones.

Businesses have begun to use plastic wherever and whenever possible. Public catering has taken the lead by multiplying the daily use of plastic tableware and cutlery. It has undoubtedly aided in the prevention of the virus's spread, but it has also left a massive ecological footprint. The volume of plastic waste has increased significantly, and not all of it is recyclable. 

Polymers decompose for at least 100-200 years and emit toxic substances when combusted. As it turns out, by solving one problem, we create another that is equally important.

However, there is a way out!

Replacing disposable plastic items with those made of pure, biodegradable wood that do not necessitate costly recycling methods. Cutlery made of wood is a great alternative to plastic. It is functional, aesthetically pleasing, tactilely pleasing, and, most importantly, environmentally friendly. The global community can prevent the spread of the pandemic while also caring for the environment and reducing the use of disposable items.

ECOWOOD Store produces disposable wooden tableware and cutlery from birch wood famous for its durability. It is also perfect with high temperatures and freezing. Our birch wood grows in an ecologically clean region of Ukraine and is processed on the most modern equipment. Our products are unique in their qualities and pleasant to use.