7 Benefits of using ECOWOOD Store dinnerware

1. Looks good and aesthetically pleasing.
Imagine using plastic utensils for a wedding or a birthday party. Even a romantic picnic for two would look way classier with a pair of wooden cutlery sets. From a designer’s point of view, wood goes with any decor and even adds a nice touch to it.

2. ECOWOOD plates and cutlery are sturdy.
ECOWOOD utensils have a stiffening rib which allows you to cut and prick your food without any struggle. Our plates and cutlery are also resistant to heat, weight, and steam from food. That means you can serve wet, dry, greasy, hot, or cold food without worrying about a soggy plate.

3. Safe in interaction with a microwave and hot temperatures
They do not leach any poisons or chemicals into the food when heated, unlike single-use plastic items.

4. Hygienic
Wooden cutlery is intended for one-time use only which reduces the risk of contamination.

5. Safe for children
Disposable wooden cutlery is also safer for children to use since, unlike traditional steel cutlery, it is less likely to cause harm if used incorrectly. 

6. Easy and efficient clean-up
You don't have to wash it, simply throw it away, which makes things much easier if you have a large number of guests. It also saves water and power.

7. Environmentally Friendly Dinnerware Can Improve Soil Health
Biodegradable plates and cutlery are better for the environment because they don't leave poisonous chemicals or residues behind. Furthermore, as time passes, these chemicals disintegrate, releasing earth-friendly nutrients back into the soil.