What makes ECOWOOD Store products stand out?

Though there are many brands out there in the market that sell disposable wooden tableware and cutlery, ECOWOOD Store definitely stands out. Please, let use put humility aside and tell you why you’d think so too:

1. Stiffening rib. Stiffening rib is the most unique feature of ECOWOOD Store spoons, forks, and knives. Our cutlery won’t crack under pressure and will allow you to enjoy your meals without any struggle.

2. Chemical-free. We only use birch wood and water in the manufacturing process. So our cutlery won’t harm the users and won’t release any toxins into the soil after decomposition. It also has a soft natural scent that would complement any meal.

3. High-quality sanding. A picture can lie, but a touch will reveal that our cutlery is smooth and pleasant to touch. No splinter shall pass!

4. FSC Certified. We are proud to state that our cutlery is made from FSC certified wood. This means that ECOWOOD Store does not exploit the riches of Ukrainian forests and harms their unique and vulnerable ecosystems.

5. Made from REAL birch wood. Our products are made from real birch without any other materials in the mixture. We find birch as the most eco-conscious material since it can absorb more CO2 than it emits when processed into utensils in some cases. 

6. Sweatshop-free / Opportunity to be an ethical consumer. Give us a call and we will name everyone who works in ECOWOOD Store production facility in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. Rest assured, you are not supporting sweatshops when purchasing our products.

7. Add your logo. You can make ECOWOOD Store cutlery and plates even more unique by adding your logo. Contact us and we will provide you with more info.
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