Restaurants can be a part of the solution and not part of the problem

In October 2021, California Governor, Gavin Newsom, signed nine bills to reduce litter, toxic chemicals, and plastic waste. One of them is legislation that makes it illegal for restaurants and food delivery services to give out plastic forks, knives, spoons, straws, chopsticks, or even ketchup and mustard packets unless consumers specifically request them. The goal is to stop restaurant employees from tossing plastic cutlery and condiments into take-out bags, which are frequently thrown away when customers get home.

Unfortunately, such a measure does not completely prohibit the use of plastic utensils. We believe that consumers who are not entirely eco-conscious will continue to request plastic utensils to avoid the time-consuming task of doing the dishes.

What can be done to completely eliminate the plastic waste generated by take-out orders?

A set of fully biodegradable utensils would be a perfect solution for that! The ECOWOOD Store catalog includes two sets of birch wood utensils that decompose completely two months after use. Each set is wrapped in craft paper and includes a fork, knife, and spoon, or the same items plus a napkin. This set is a cost-effective alternative and can be utilized the same way as a plastic set.