B2B: TOP 5 ECOWOOD Store products

1. Birchwood cutlery set for 1

Wrapped in kraft paper, this set is perfect for take-out bags. Simply toss it into your customer’s order and rest assured it will work its magic.

2. Coffee stirrers

No matter, whether you own a coffee shop or simply have employees who are coffee addicts, ECOWOOD Store coffee stirrers are an eco-conscious alternative to plastic stirrers that would never harm the environment when tossed into the trash. Moreover, our stirrers are capable of benefiting the soil by releasing soil-friendly nutrients during decomposition.

3. Spatulas

Just like coffee-stirrers, our spatulas are a much better alternative to plastic ones. They are hypoallergenic and were sanded to perfection to provide smooth application. 

4. Tasting spoons

From fast-food restaurants to five-star hotels, our customers love the look, feel and quality of our compostable wooden taster spoons. Just throw them away after use and have the peace of mind you won’t have with plastic. These spoons work as multipurpose. Mini wooden spoons can be used in a variety of samplers and are suitable for scooping/ spreading dipping soft foods: pasta, pudding, oatmeal, mayo, ice cream, yogurt, dessert, mousses, cake, fruit trays, etc.

5. Plates

Make your food presentation much more elegant with our wooden plates. Our plates are resistant to heat, weight, and steam from food. That means you can serve wet, dry, greasy, hot, or cold food without worrying about a soggy mess.